YSI ODO Calibration Utility

Utilize the YSI ODO calibration utility to enter calibration coefficients after installing new DO sensor caps. Calibration coefficients are located on the “YSI ODO Sensor Cap Instruction Sheet” included with the new sensor cap. After the coefficients are entered, the user will need to perform a 1-point DO calibration within the utility. CONNECT will utilize the barometric pressure reading from the internal sensor on the X2 data logger.

Enter Calibration Coefficients

  1. Connect the X2 logger to a PC and launch the CONNECT software. Test connection by reading the RTC clock of the logger in the CONFIG tab.
  2. From the CONNECT main window, select the DATA tab.



  1. Select Read Configuration. CONNECT will scan the X2 and compile a list of all sensors and parameters that are being collected by the system.
    1. Once the configuration has been loaded, the Logger View tab on the left will display the system serial number and all sensors with their respective parameter list.
    2. Record the parameter number for ‘ODOSat(%)’ for the YSI ODO sensor. In the example below, the parameter number is 15.

YSI ODO % saturation parameter.


  1. Go to Tool | X2 Sensor | YSI ODO.
    1. Ensure the YSI ODO sensor is connected to the X2 data logger in the port in which it was detected. Additionally, ensure the data logger is connected to a 12VDC power source.

YSI ODO Calibration Utility.


  1. Enter the parameter number recorded previously in the ODO Parameter Index area. Insert the calibration coefficients into the box next to their corresponding ‘K’ values.
    1. Double-check all values and press Send Coefficients.
    2. The X2 YSI ODO script will now use these coefficients while processing the output from the sensor.

Calibration coefficients for new YSI ODO sensor cap.

Successfully sent calibration coefficients.


  1. YSI recommends performing a 1-point DO calibration after installing a new sensor cap. Follow the Calibration – Dissolved Oxygen section (page 18) in the manual link below to properly set up the sensor for calibration.
    1. ProODO User Manual
  2. After allowing adequate time for the sensor to stabilize ~45-60 seconds, click Calibrate.
    1. Note: The X2 compensates for barometric pressure using its internal barometric pressure sensor.
  3. Once the process above is complete, test the sensor within the calibration solution to confirm proper values are returned.
    1. Read/Start an X2 Measurement