Read/Start an X2 Sensor Measurement

A real-time X2 sensor measurement may be viewed or started using the data acquisition tab (DAQ) in the CONNECT software. This is often a useful tool to use during system configuration or troubleshooting. Remember that many sensors may take several seconds or minutes to complete their measurement, so allow ample time for the measurement cycle to complete.

To start an X2 sensor measurement or view the latest data:

  1. Connect the X2 logger to a PC and launch the CONNECT software. Test connection by reading the RTC clock of the logger in the CONFIG tab.
  2. From the CONNECT main window, select the DAQ tab.
X2 sensor measurement

Figure 1: DAQ tab in CONNECT.


  1. Select Read Last DAQ to preview the last measurement recorded by the X2 data logger.
    1. Measurements from the internal diagnostics and all detected sensors should be visible.

Figure 2: Read the last data acquisition.


  1. Select Start DAQ to begin a new sensor measurement, regardless of the internal log intervals.

Figure 3: Start a new sensor measurement.


  1. For a new DAQ, the timestamp will update once data acquisition is complete.
    1. Keep in mind that many sensors take an extended period of time to complete their internal measurement cycles.

Figure 4: Measurement timestamp.