What’s Included & Accessories

All X3 data loggers come with product identifier information prominently displayed on the quick start guide, package exterior, and the data logger itself. These identifiers include the engraved body tag on the side of the X3 housing and the included Claim Code, which outlines ownership of the logger on WQData LIVE. Depending on the X3 model, the appropriate antenna will be included. Mounting hardware for the smaller (CB-150 to CB-450) and larger (CB-650 to CB-1250) buoys are included with each logger.


What’s Included

Each data logger includes equipment for land-based and buoy-based applications. The quick start guide provides a step-by-step installation process for each type of mounting; however, note that not all equipment is necessary for use. The O-ring grease tube is included to grease all O-rings before deployment, and any time the O-rings are exposed for an extended period.


(1) X3 Environmental Data Logger

(2) Buoy mounting kits (small and large buoy kits)

(3) Sensor port plugs, spare o-rings

(1) Power port plug, spare o-ring

(1) O-ring grease tube

(1) Antenna (only included with telemetry models)

(1) Quick Start Guide

Figure 1: Included equipment with an X3 Environmental Data Logger.



Accessories for the X3 data logger include a specially designed pole mount, software communication adapters, antennas, solar power packs, power cables, and sensor interface cables.

PM2Pole and wall mount kit for 1.5″ to 2″ pipe
MASTThreaded aluminum pole assembly for hardware mounting, 2″ NPT x 24″ length
UW6-USB-485P-DCUSB PC Adapter
A49High Gain Cellular Antenna
A42Iridium Satellite Antenna
A3x-SMARF extension cable, Type N male connector to SMA male connector (available in 2′, 6′ and 10′ lengths)
A3xRF extension cable, Type N male connector to Type N male connector (available in 2′, 6′, 10′, 50′ and 100′ lengths)
SP10SP10 solar power pack with panel, regulator & 6 A-Hr battery in a weathertight enclosure, 10-watt
SP15SP15 solar power pack with panel, regulator & 6 A-Hr battery in a weathertight enclosure, 15-watt
SP32SP32 solar power pack with panel, regulator & 6 A-Hr battery in a weathertight enclosure, 32-watt
UW6-PWUW 6-pin plug AC power adapter cable
UW6-BBUW 6-pin plug battery backup with AC power adapter
UW6-2WUW 6-pin plug 2-way power splitter, 1m
UW6-4WUW 6-pin plug 4-way power splitter, 1m
Sensor Interface
UW-FWP UW plug terminal for flying lead sensor interface
UW-FWP-VUW plug terminal for vented flying lead sensor interface
UW-2WUW plug 2-way sensor splitter, 1m
UW-4WUW plug 4-way sensor splitter, 1m
A50Sensor junction box, includes 4 entrance holes