X3 Environmental Data Logger User Guide

  1. Introduction


What’s Included & Accessories

  1. Data Logger Setup

Data Logging Features

Data Logger Programming

  1. WQData LIVE Setup

Create a WQData LIVE Account

Create a WQData LIVE Project

Add a Data Logger to a WQData LIVE Project

  1. Telemetry Setup

X3 Data Flow


Setup a 4G Cellular Account

SIM Card Installation

Configure Cellular Telemetry Connection

  1. Deployment

Land-based installation

Buoy-based installation

  1. Troubleshooting

Sensors Not Found During Detection

Sensor Re-Detection

  1. Maintenance

Check the Battery Voltage on an SP-Solar Power Pack

Check the Battery Voltage on a CB-Series buoy

Desiccant Replacement

CB-Series Buoy Battery Replacement

Storage Requirements

  1. Warranty

NexSens Warranty

  1. Service Request

NexSens Service Request