Apply Power to the X2-CB

The X2-CB has an innovative power design that allows for simple connectivity and interfacing with sensors on NexSens CB-Series buoys.

X2-CB Buoy-Mounted Data Logger product page.

Figure 1: X2-CB Buoy-Mounted Data Logger.


Power Jumper

CB-Series solar towers have a special UW-6 plug with a jumper built in that completes the circuit for the battery to supply power to the X2-CB data logger. The X2-CB will not receive power unless the solar panel is connected to the COM/SOLAR port. Alternatively, a UW-JUMPER plug may be connected to the COM/SOLAR port to complete the connection.

NexSens CB-Series Jumper Plug

X2-CB power jumper product page

Figure 2: CB-Series jumper plug.


Basic Requirements

  • Supply Voltage: 5-24VDC [+/-15%]
  • Operating Current Max: 300mA
  • Peak Current: 500mA for 1 second (@ 12V)

All standard CB-Series buoys meet and exceed the X2-CB required specifications.


Connector Wiring

Solar power is supplied to the CB-Series battery pack via the UW-6 Receptacle (marked ‘COM/SOLAR‘) port, which also acts as a power switch between the battery and data logger. This allows quick power disconnection when the logger is not in use, as removing the solar plug from the port also removes power from the logger. The below table and diagram show the proper connections for the X2-CB’s UW-6R port.

X2-CB UW6 Power Port Pinout
Pin NumberX2 Wire ColorSignal
1GreenHost RS-485A
2BlueHost RS-485B
3RedBAT +
4BlackX2 GND | Regulator GND | BAT –
5YellowRegulator Solar
6OrangeX2 Primary Power | Regulator BAT


Figure 3: NexSens UW-6 receptacle port pin numbering.


The schematic below shows the CB-Series buoy wiring from top to bottom.

Figure 4: X2-CB power schematic.


Power & Communications Accessories

Please visit the accessories tab on the X2-CB product page to purchase power/comms accessories.