CB-MCL Bulkhead Connector Installation

The NexSens CB-MCL Wet-Mate Lid is used on NexSens CB-Series data buoys for custom integrations of user-supplied electronics with marine-grade connectors on the outside of the lid. MCBH wet-mate bulkhead connectors provide power and sensor connections, while an RF bulkhead adapter facilitates integration of telemetry modems installed in the data well. The CB-MCL wet-mate lid includes (5) holes for sensor cables, (1) hole for optional RF adapter, a power connection port with solar tower pigtail adapter, and a 5 psi pressure relief valve.

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Figure 1: CB-Series Data Buoy Wet-Mate Lid


Connector Types

RF Bulkhead Connector Assembly
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Figure 2: RF Bulkhead Connector Assembly


The CB-MCL wet-mate lid has a single port which can optionally be fitted with an RF bulkhead connector assembly (RF-BULK) for integration of third-party modems inside CB-Series buoy data wells. The RF-BULK adapter consists of an N-style female connector integrated on the bulkhead for external antenna connection. Additionally, it contains a 1m pigtail cable with SMA male connector for modem connection inside the watertight data well. Installation instructions for an RF-BULK cable assembly can be found here.


MCBH Bulkhead Connectors
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Figure 3: MCBH Male Bulkhead Connectors

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Figure 4: MCBH Female Bulkhead Connectors


Wet mateable MCBH bulkhead connectors are used on the (5) holes on the CB-MCL for connection of sensors and other devices. MCBH bulkhead connectors are available in 4-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin and 8-pin versions with either male or female pin styles. These are purchased separately and added to the CB-MCL plate, while any unused ports can be plugged.

The SOLAR port on the CB-MCL wet-mate lid includes a 6-pin female MCBH connector as standard, along with a UW6 pigtail cable for connection to the solar tower of a CB-Series buoy. On the inside of the data well, there is a 4-pin Molex connector with red (+V) and black (GND) power leads. NexSens-supplied CB-A01-2 or CB-A05-X battery harnesses can be connected to the Molex connecctor for 12V supply on the power leads using an SA1352 CB-Series battery harness cable adapter.

Installation instructions for MCBH connectors, pinouts for device connections and solar connector wiring information are all available in the CB-MCL quick start guide. For proper cable connection and connector maintenance, see MCBH & MCIL Connector Operation & Maintenance.