M550 Beacon for CB-Series Data Buoys

The NexSens M550 Solar Marine Light is a common accessory added to NexSens CB-Series data buoys up to and including the CB-450. Depending on the configuration, it has a 1-3 nautical mile range and is normally delivered with flange mount hardware, yellow color and default 15 flash/minute pattern (Model M550-F-Y).

M550 Solar Marine Light product page

Figure 1: M550 Solar Marine Light.



While it typically comes pre-installed, the M550 can easily be removed and/or installed by the user. Reference the M550 Installation Instructions for guidance with the standard flange mount version. The pole mount option can be similarly fixed to the buoy top plate using the provided hardware and one of the pre-drilled holes on the top plate.

Figure 2: M550 pole mount option.

Figure 3: Mounted to top plate.



The M550 is controlled using an IR programmer that is normally provided with the beacon.

Figure 4: IR programming remote.


The IR programmer can be used to perform the following functions: