Increase Flash Intensity

The minimum and maximum flash brightness settings of a M550 beacon are dependent on the configured flash code. For the 066 flash code typically set on NexSens-supplied beacons, the maximum effective intensity that can be set is 20cd as demonstrated by Carmanah’s table below.  A complete listing of Flash Codes is available in Carmanah’s manual which can be found here.

M550 Flash Codes

The IR programming remote command to set the minimum intensity is PWR 600 √, while the command to set the maximum 20cd intensity is PWR 620 √

All intensities between these values are also configurable (ex. PWR 611 √). The beacon will flash for each registered keypress and a quick triple flash after entry of the full command indicates it was applied successfully. Two slower flashes following a command entry indicates an invalid or incompatible (given current settings) command.