Why is the SonTek Not Gathering Readings?

The SonTek-SL Current Meter X-Series Integration Guide outlines the required process for integrating SonTek-SL Series of Side-Looking Doppler Current Meters with NexSens X-Series data loggers. If a SonTek meter is not providing values after following the guide, below is a list of common reasons.

Issues with Gathering SonTek Readings

  • Issue #1: The SonTek is connected to the wrong port or has a different SDI-12 address than the one specified in the user-generated SDI-12 script.
    • Explanation: While creating the SDI-12 script, the user specifies the associated port and SDI-12 address. The X-Series data logger needs the port and address specified to send power and commands to the proper location.
      • Solution: Change the internal SonTek settings to match the settings of the user-generated script, or connect the SonTek to the proper port on the data logger.
  • Issue #2:  Two or more sensors connected to the data logger have the same SDI-12 address.
    • Explanation: NexSens X-Series data loggers can only read measurements from a sensor if it has a unique SDI-12 address. If another sensor using the SDI-12 communication protocol has the same address, both sensors will respond simultaneously to commands. Thus, communication will be interrupted as the logger expects a specific response.
      • Solution: Review and adjust the SDI-12 addresses for each sensor in their respective software.
  • Issue #3: The flying lead cable cable utilized for the sensor is wired incorrectly.