SonTek Flying Lead Wiring into A50 Junction Box

In the event of using the flying lead wires from the SonTek-SL Series current meters to wire into a NexSens A50 junction box, below is a wiring diagram for the connections between the SonTek cable and a NexSens plug to flying lead cable.

SonTek SL-Series SignalSonTek SL-Series Wire ColorNexSens UW-FLx Cable Wire Color**NexSens X-Series Signal
RS232 Tx*GreenYellowRS232 Rx*
RS232 Rx*OrangeOrangeRS232 Tx*
+ 12VRedRed+ 12V

*Note the RS232 signals are complementary between the two devices (Tx with Rx and vice versa).
**NexSens UW Plug to Flying Lead Cable (UW-FLx) Wiring Guide