What are the NexSens 8-Pin UW Connector signal connections?
If connecting a NexSens UW8 connector to an external device that is not an X-Series data logger, below is the pinout of the NexSens UW8 connector, along with the pins associated with the communication, ground, and power signals.

How is the SonTek wired into a NexSens A50 Junction Box?
In the event of using the flying lead wires from the SonTek-SL Series current meters to wire into a NexSens A50 junction box, below is a wiring diagram for the connections between the SonTek cable and a NexSens plug to flying lead cable.

Why is the SonTek not providing readings?
If a SonTek Current Meter is not readings values on a NexSens X-Series data logger after following the integration guide, here are a few common reasons that should be reviewed.