YSI H-3401 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge X-Series Integration Guide

Real-Time Precipitation Measurements The YSI H-3401 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges are compatible with NexSens X-Series data loggers using the SDI-12 sensor interface and communication protocol. A pre-defined script on NexSens X-Series data loggers is able to detect, log, and transmit all precipitation parameters on the rain gauge. Parameter data is transmitted, in real-time, at a […]

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flood warning real-time notification

Flood Warning – Real-time Notification

Although flooding is more likely in some regions than in others, it’s possible almost anywhere. As weather patterns change and become more unpredictable and more extreme weather events occur, flooding will become more common. And while it may seem intuitive that bad weather might cause flooding, general information isn’t enough to save lives and protect […]

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