Installing User-Supplied Electronics in CB-Series Data Buoys

NexSens CB-Series data buoys are flexible platforms that allow for use with both NexSens and user-supplied electronics. For user-supplied electronics, several accessories are available to facilitate installation inside the watertight data well. Common Accessories Battery mounts – While user-supplied electronics on CB-Series data buoys may receive power from NexSens-issued CB-A01-2 and CB-A05-x battery harnesses, users may […]

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Lake Nipissing Algae Events

Nipissing University

U. of Saskatchewan and Nipissing University scientists study mixing’s role in Lake Nipissing algae events using NexSens data buoys and temperature strings.

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educational lake data buoy

Educational Lake Data Buoy

Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

The mission of the Iowa Lakeside Lab is to provide science classes and research opportunities for university students as well as outreach programs and services through Iowa’s state universities. It’s located on West Okoboji Lake, near Little Miller’s Bay in northwest Iowa.

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