YSI Sondes can be used with iChart software as sensors connected through an iSIC data logger or as ‘standalone’ devices. When used without an iSIC, the time and date of a sonde needs to correspond to all other data loggers in the same iChart project file and to the PC to in order to display correct and up-to-date readings.

1. Connect the YSI Sonde to a PC.

2. Open iChart without a current project.

3. Select Advanced | Sensor Interface | YSI Sonde Terminal from the menu bar.

4. Choose the correct PC COM port and Connection type. Leave “Use iSIC” unchecked.

Figure 1: Connecting to the YSI sonde terminal


5. Type “menu” and press “Enter”.

6. Choose option 5.

Figure 2: Selecting “Report” from the menu


7. Choose the “Date & time” option.

8. Select the date or time to make changes.

Note: Be sure to follow the appropriate date format

Note: If the date reads 01/01/2000 and/or the time reads around midnight regardless of the current time then the battery inside the YSI Sonde is dead and must be replaced.

REV: 13G18

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