To set an automatic reset limit for rain readings from a Vaisala WXT520:

1. Make sure the sensor is wired correctly into the iSIC data logger.

2. Open the current iChart project.

3. Click Advanced | iSIC | iSIC. The iSIC Setup window will appear.

4. In the “Connection” tab, make sure the COM port and Connection type is correct. Enter the appropriate iSIC/SDL Address.

5. Click Connect.

6. Click the General tab.

7. Select the SDI-12 tab.

8. Enter this command, where “a” is the SDI-12 address of the sensor:


8. Enter this command, where “a” is the SDI-12 address of the sensor and “x” is the limit at which the rain readings will reset:


Note: “x” is entered as a value ranging from 100 to 65535. If units are metric, this corresponds to a limit ranging from 1.00 mm to 655.35 mm. If units are imperial, this corresponds to 0.100 in to 65.535 in.

For example, to set the reset limit to 10.000 inches, the command would be entered as:


9. Enter this command to set the automatic reset, where “a” is the SDI-12 address:


The predefined level and automatic reset has been set.

REV: 13G18

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