Nexsens provides different options for mounting junction boxes in the field. Mounting ears are provided with all A50 and A50-S junction boxes. These ears can be used for wall or pole mounting.

1. Find the diameter of the pole which will be used and determine the corresponding U-bolt size necessary for mounting. U-bolts can be found at most local hardware stores. NexSens recommends (2) stainless steel U-bolts each with a single mounting plate for this application.

Figure 1: U-bolts


2. Mark the centers of two holes to be drilled for the U-bolts to fit through. Do this on the thinner part of both supplied mounting ears.

Figure 2: Marking the two holes


3. Drill the holes in both mounting ears using a drill bit that is 1/16” larger than the thickness of the U-bolt. For example, a 3/8” thick U-bolt would require a 7/16” bit.

Figure 3: Drilling Holes


4. Attach the mounting ears to the junction box with the supplied screws.

Figure 4: Attaching the mounting ears


5. Hold the junction box at the desired height along the mounting pole. Place the U-bolts around the pole and through the newly-drilled mounting ear holes. Then position the U-bolt plate and fasten the nuts evenly on the top and bottom of the junction box.

Figure 5: Mounting the junction box to the mounting pole



REV: 13G29

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