In order to test a cellular modem is functioning properly, a few simple steps can be taken.

1. Connect an antenna to the modem.

2. Connect a RS-232 cable from the modem to your computer.

Note: A USB adapter may be necessary on newer computers that do not have a serial port.

3. Supply 12V power to the modem.

4. Confirm the following light patterns.

  • Immediately after power is applied: Power light is solid.
  • After about 30 seconds: Network light begins blinking.
  • Within 2 minutes: Network light is solid and Signal light is blinking
  • This final pattern is an indication that the modem is connected to the network. The faster the Signal light blinks, the better the signal strength.
  • If the final light pattern is not achieved, move to a location with a better signal (such as outside). Remove power for at least 10 seconds then go back to Step 3.

5. Open a windows command prompt.

6. Ping the modem’s IP address by typing the following and hitting enter.

ping <IP Address>

Note: It is common for the first ping to time out.

Figure 1: Ping the Modem


7. Open Windows Hyper Terminal.

8. Enter any Name.

Figure 2: Hyper Terminal Connection Description


9. Click OK.

10. In the Connect using: dropdown, choose the COM port to which the modem is connected.

Figure 3: Connect To for COM


11. Click OK.

12. Select the following settings in the COM# Properties dialog.

Bits per second: 9600

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bit: 1

Flow control: None

Figure 4: COM Properties


13. Click OK.

14. Open another Windows Hyper Terminal.

15. Enter a different name.

Figure 5: Connection Description


16. Click OK.

17. In the Connect using: dropdown, choose TCP/IP (Winsock).

18. In the Host address: box, type the modems IP address.

19. In the Port number: box, type 500.

Figure 6: Connect To for IP


20. Click OK.

21. “Connected” should appear in the bottom left corner of both terminal windows.

Figure 7: Connected Confirmation


22. Now you can send files using the “Transfer | Send File” on one terminal and “Transfer | Receive File” on the other terminal.


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