Each SDL500 submersible data logger includes the following accessories and spares to get started and keep the unit operational:

  • SDL500 USB interface cable (Only included with direct connect SDL500, not with telemetry-enabled models)
  • USB driver CD*
  • (8) D-Cell alkaline batteries
  • Maintenance kit
  • SDL Guard removal tool (3/16” handled Allen wrench)
  • (2) Spare SDL port plugs
  • O-ring lubricant, ½ oz tube
  • (5) Spare O-rings, EPDM 116
  • Quick start guide
Included with SDL500

Figure 1: Items included with an SDL500


Note that an A49-SDL high gain cellular antenna is required for cellular communication with the SDL500C. A 4100-BASE radio base station and A44-SDL high gain radio antenna are both required for remote communication via spread spectrum radio with the SDL500R.


REV: 13G17


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