The SDL500 Submersible Data Logger is configured with five sensor ports for connection to industry-standard digital and analog interfaces, including RS-232, RS-485, SDI-12, 1-wire
temp string, 0-2.5 V, pulse count, and more. Each sensor port offers a UW (underwater) type receptacle with double oring seal for a reliable waterproof connection. Unlike many data loggers, the SDL500 is truly submersible. The housing and battery compartment are completely sealed and waterproof. The SDL500 allows environmental professionals to deploy monitoring systems near streams, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters, or in sewers and culverts without fear of accidental flooding.

The housing is constructed of impact-resistant PVC and includes two elastomer bumpers for long-term deployment in close-fitting pipes and buoy ports. Internal circuit boards and communication modules are shock mounted and all access ports incorporate redundant sealing. The SDL withstands extreme wave action, drops, floods, periodic & long-term deployment underwater, and more. When fitted for wireless remote communication, the radio, cellular, and satellite antennas are also waterproof.

The SDL500 is powered by eight D-cell alkaline batteries. An optional 5-watt solar power kit provides long-term continuous operation and solar charging. It incorporates a wide variety of analog and digital sensor interface capabilities. Popular sensor connections include multiparameter sondes, rain gauges, weather stations, Doppler velocity meters, water level bubblers, radar level sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature strings.



Figure 1: SDL500 Data Logger


REV: 13G17

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