There is very little maintenance required for the SDL500 because it is designed for long-term deployments in harsh and/or submersible applications.


Any bio-fouling that accumulates on the exterior of the SDL should be cleaned using a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush along with soap and water.


While the SDL500 can be stored in any environmental conditions that will not harm or deform the physical construction of the device, it is best to store the unit indoors for controlled temperatures and away from strong UV light.

Before storing the SDL for any length of time, the batteries must be removed. This will eliminate the risk of leakage into the instrument, which may result in damage.

Changing the Batteries

Following deployment, periodically visit the SDL to check battery voltage. Cellular communication does not function below 9.5 VDC, and spread spectrum radio communication does not function below 7.5 VDC.

However, if the remote telemetry capabilities cease to work based on voltage requirements, the data logger can still continue to log data provided that the voltage does not drop below 6 VDC or the smallest sensor input power requirement, whichever is higher.


REV: 13G19

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