Part Number Description Details
1001 iChart Software Program which simplifies and automates many of the tasks associated with acquiring, processing, analyzing and publishing environmental data.
UW-CON UW Cable connectorization Factory installed connector for user-supplied sensor cables. Pluggable to the SDL500.
UW-FL UW Plug connector to flying lead cable Used for wiring the SDL500 to other data loggers or external power sources.
UW-FLR UW Receptacle connector to flying lead cable Used for connecting sensors interchangeably between SDL500 and other data loggers.
SP5 5-Watt solar power pack Power option featuring a solar panel, regulator, and a 12 VDC battery.
SP5-PH Solar power harness Used to connect up to three SP5 solar power packs to the SDL500.
MB-100 Data buoy Lightweight and portable data buoy platform.
A44-SDL Radio antenna Submersible radio antenna for use with SDL500R radio data loggers.
4100-BASE Radio base station Used for remote communication to radio data loggers in the field; serves as a central hub for networks of remote data loggers.
A44 Radio antenna Radio frequency high gain antenna, for use with radio base stations.
A36 RF cable N-style micro-loss RF cable, used for antenna connection to base station, 6’ length.
A49-SDL Celluar antenna Submersible cellular antenna for use with SDL500C cellular data loggers.


Note that unique NexSens UW Underwater Connectors are used to interface with the SDL500.


REV: 13G18

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