1. Refer to the appropriate data logger category for instructions on connecting directly to the iSIC Data Logger or SDL500 that is being used.

2. In iChart, click Advanced | iSIC | iSIC. The iSIC Setup window will appear.


iSIC Setup window

Figure 1: iSIC Setup window


3. Enter the correct COM Port (Check the Port on the Device Manager by clicking Start | Right-click Computer | Manage. Unplug the connecting cable, then reconnect it to see which port disconnects and reconnects.). Enter the correct Connection type. The address may be left at “0,” except for radio data loggers. Click Connect.

4. “Connect” should change to “Disconnect”. When it does, click the General tab. In the System area of the General tab, information on current firmware, hardware and battery voltage should appear.

General Tab

Figure 2: General tab


5. Place a check mark in “Reset all to manufacturer default”.

reset all to manufacturer default

Figure 3: Place a check mark in “Reset all to manufacturer default”


6. Click Apply. iChart will show a prompt requiring an unlock code.


NexSens Unlock Code

Figure 4: Enter “NexSens” as the unlock code


7. Click OK. If the reset was NOT successful, an error message will appear. If the reset was successful, “Reset all to manufacturer default” will automatically become unchecked.

Note that resetting to manufacturer’s defaults resets the programming, log and sample intervals and other settings. But communication settings and the data logger’s address are not reset.

REV: 13J06



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