If iChart software can still communicate with the sensor(s), then the most likely problem is that the sample and log intervals have been reset to zero. The Sample Interval is how often the sensor takes a reading. The Log Interval is how often that reading is sent to iChart to be recorded. If there are multiple samples in a single log interval, then only the minimum, maximum, average, or most recent value is recorded. If the sample and log intervals are the same, then every reading is recorded. This process shows how to set sample and log intervals quickly for all of the sensors in a project.

1. Open iChart with the current project.

2. Click on the Clock icon at the bottom left of the Navigation Panel in iChart.

Figure 1: Click icon


3. Click Yes when asked to continue.

4. Enter the desired Sample Interval and Log Interval. Click OK.


REV: 13G29

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