iChart is defaulted to only allow one instance to run at once. However, in some instances it may be necessary to run two separate projects on the same computer at the same time. This process is not recommended for the average user. It is best to include all devices in one project or run separate projects on different computers.

1. Make a copy of the iChart6 program folder located in C:Program FilesNexSens. Give the second copy another name.

Figure 1: Create Copy of iChart


2. Create a program file shortcut from the new iChart folder. This shortcut can be renamed to clarify its difference from the original iChart program file.

3. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties.

Figure 2: iChart6 Properties Dialog


4. Change the target from “C:Program FilesNexSensiChart6_ichart.exe” to “C:Program FilesNexSensiChart6ichart.exe” -i2

Note: There is a _ in front of iChart6 that must be removed

Figure 3: Create Shortcut

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