Many iSIC data logger commands can be executed remotely. However, this requires editing the .INI file, which can have hazardous effects if done incorrectly. Remote commands should only be used for very specific and deliberate purposes.

1. Open iChart without a current project.

2. From the menu bar select Edit | Preferences.

3. Switch to the GUI tab.

4. Check the “Enable advanced interface” box.

Figure 1: Enable advanced interface


5. Exit iChart.

6. Open C:Program FilesNexSensiChart6ICHART.INI and type “EnableiSICCmdTab=1” in the [General] section

Figure 2: iChart.ini


7. Open iChart without a current project.

8. From the menu bar select Advanced | iSIC | iSIC.

9. Select the correct PC COM Port, iSIC Address and the appropriate Connection.

10. Press Connect and switch to the iSIC Command tab.

11. Select the WARMBOOT command from the drop down menu and click Send to reset the iSIC.

REV: 13G18

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