The current measured mV value can be read at any time from the mV-RS485 Adapter using iChart’s interface.

1. Ensure the mV-RS485 Adapter is connected to the SDL and the SDL is powered.

2. Open iChart. Select Open Without Project if prompted.

3. Select Advanced | mV-RS485 Adapter | Setup… from the menu bar.

Figure 1: mV-RS485 Adapter Setup


4. Select the correct PC COM Port and Connection type from the drop down lists.

Figure 2: Connection Window


5. Click Connect.

6. Click on the Diagnostic tab.

7. Select Read mV (Reg: 0x0002) from the Command dropdown list.

8. Click Send. The mV value will appear in the Result section.

Figure 3: Reading Current mV Value


9. Click Close when done.


REV: 13G29

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