Reactiviating a Raven XT cellular modem may help resolve communication for a 3100-iSIC modem that can be powered up but is nonresponsive.

1. Unplug the serial DB-9 connector from the iSIC and connect it to an A77 programming cable provided with the data logger. Connect the other end of the programming cable to the computer.

Figure 1: Connecting the A77 programming cable


2. Download Modem Doctor

3. Open the ModemDoctor.exe program by double clicking.

4. Select Erase the modem’s non-volatile data, click Next and follow the steps to erase the memory and restore to default. The appropriate serial cable COM port must be selected to do this. Click here for further assistance in verifying the COM port.

6. Load the template provided by NexSens onto the modem. Click here for assistance with this process.

7. Test communications by connecting either through Sierra Wireless AceManager (WirelessAce) or NexSens iChart software.

Note: It can take as long as two hours for the modem to reconnect to the cellular network, though this generally takes only a couple of minutes.


REV: 13G19

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