Placing a project file into iChart is necessary when transferring the file to another computer. This process shows the exact place the file can be copied/saved to.

1.Open My Computer (Windows XP) or Computer (Windows Vista and 7)  from the Start Menu or search for File Explorer (Windows 8).

2.Navigate to the location where the iChart application is stored and open the Users folder. The default location is C:Program Files (x86)\NexSens\iChart6\Users. The Users folder can also quickly be opened by going to Help | Open Users Folder from within iChart.

Figure 1: iChart6 Users Folder


3. Place the file into the Users folder. If using Windows 8, the file may not be able to be copied directly from an email or flash drive due to Windows security features. Place the file on the Desktop first, then copy into the Users folder.

Users Folder

Figure 2: iChart Users folder


If the .icr file already exists, change its name before placing it to ensure that nothing is overwritten.

Once the file is opened using iChart, confirm the COM port is correct for Direct, Radio, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi transmission.


REV: 15D28

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