In order to open multiple reports on iChart’s startup, first make sure that iChart is up to date:

Updating iChart

After iChart has been updated:

1. Open iChart.

2. Click Edit | Preferences.

3. The System Setup window will appear.


system setup window

Figure 1: System Setup window


4. Make sure that “Enable startup dialog” is unchecked.

5. Place a check mark in “Auto-load report”.

6. Click “— ADD NEW —“. The iChart Report File window will appear, showing iChart’s Users folder.


ichart report file window

Figure 2: iChart Report File window


7. Locate the .Report folder of the current iChart project file. Double-click the file to open and view its contents.


locate report folder

Figure 3: Locate .Report folder of current project | Double-click to open


8. Within this folder, locate the report file(s) that will be automatically opened on startup. They should end with the extension “.icp”.


locate icp file

Figure 4: Locate .icp file


9. Select the .icp file and Open it. This will pull the report into the box below “Auto-load report” in the System Setup window.


system setup window with report added

Figure 5: Report added as shown in System Setup window


10. Repeat the steps as needed to add multiple reports and then click OK.


REV: 13J12



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