Moving an iChart Database

It may become necessary to copy an iChart database to a different computer. To begin, open the current iChart project.

Select File | Backup. The Backup iChart Project window will appear.

Backup iChart Project

Figure 1: Backup iChart Project window


Click “…” to select a destination folder for the backup database. This could be a network drive, USB drive or other location. Check None to disable the automatic backup schedule and choose All to backup all data in the database. Click Backup Now to backup the iChart database to the specified location.

After installing and registering iChart on the new PC, open iChart and click File | Restore. The Restore iChart Project window will appear.

Restore iChart Project

Figure 2: Restore iChart Project window


Enter the location of the backup file in the From field. Click “…” to bring up a file selection window. The backup file will have the extension “.idb” or “.icr” and will be restored to iChart’s Users folder, which defaults at this file path:  C:\Program Files (x86)\NexSens\iChart6\Users.

The database is now accessible on the new PC. Click File | Open Project and open the .icr file to access it.

REV: 14A22

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