NexSens iChart software is a data collection and analysis tool for environmental monitoring instruments. It provides both a direct interface to RS232 smart sensors (ie. multi-parameter sondes) and an interface to the NexSens iSIC data logger.

iChart is a user-friendly software package that eliminates the complicated programming required to operate traditional data loggers and sensors. Common sampling options such as log intervals, interrogation schedules, and sensor parameters are setup through easy to navigate dialog boxes and graphical menus. iChart will automatically retrieve data from sensors directly connected to a PC, iSIC data logger, or NexSens telemetry system. All data and sensor configuration settings
are stored in a single iChart database.

iChart includes a unique historical report creation tool that can generate customized reports with data from all sensors in an iChart database. While creating a report, users can include specific information about the monitoring site, location, sensors, and project along with the recorded measurements from instruments. After creation, reports can be converted to PDF, exported to Microsoft Excel, sent to colleagues via e-mail, uploaded to a web server, and more.

iChart includes web data posting capabilities that provide access to sensor data over the Internet. Users typically access their database through NexSens’ data hosting service, WQData or WQData LIVE, but the option is also available to post the database to a personal web server. WQData is very simple to use and iChart can be configured to upload data to it in minutes. The user interface at can display data in graphs and tables, and convert it to CSV format for download to a local PC.



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