File Menu

New Project – Creates an iChart database. iChart will display a menu – the Setup Device Wizard – to help setup the first database.

Open Project – Launches an existing database. The iChart Project File window will appear so that the existing database can be selected and opened.

Close – Closes an open iChart database and all associated reports and basemaps.

Save – In Report Mode, select this command to save the current report in HTML format.

WQDataLIVE – Enable WQData LIVE posting or manually post data.

Operating Mode – Choose to run iChart in server, client or stand-alone mode (default).

Backup – Opens the Backup iChart Project window.

Restore – Opens the Restore iChart Project window.

Import – Imports data from a CSV file into the open iChart database. Note that once data has been imported into the iChart database, it is not possible to remove it. Existing data points in iChart that have identical date/time stamps will be overwritten.

Send To – In Report Mode, this command sends a report to an email recipient, FTP server, folder or Microsoft Excel.

Print – In Report Mode, select this command to print the current HTML report.

Print Preview – In Report Mode, select this command to preview the output of the command to print.

Print Setup – Select this command to configure specific printer settings.

Recent Databases – A listing of the four most recent iChart databases is displayed near the bottom of the file menu. Clicking a database listed here will open it in iChart.

Exit –  Exit iChart database.


Edit Menu

Undo – Select this command to undo the most recent iChart action.

Redo – Select this command to redo the last undo in iChart.

Cut – Select this command to cut an object and place it on the clipboard.

Copy – Select this command to copy an object and place it on the clipboard.

Paste – Select this command to paste an object from the clipboard into iChart.

Preferences – Opens the System Setup window.


View Menu

Main Menu – Select this command to toggle the display of the Main Menu. If the Main Menu has been toggled to not display, hit “Esc” to show it.

Main Toolbar – Select this command to toggle the display of the Main Toolbar.

Status Bar – Select this command to toggle the display of the Status Bar.

Basemap Tools – This feature has been disabled in iChart.

Report Tools – Select this option to display the Report Tool.

Instrument Tools – Select this command to display the Instrument Tool.

Navigation Panel – Select this command to toggle the display of the Navigation Panel.

Diagnostic Window – Select this option to display iChart’s Diagnostic Window. The diagnostic window is an advanced tool used by NexSens technical support staff for troubleshooting purposes.

Full Screen – Select this command to toggle Full Screen mode in iChart. Full Screen mode will maximize the iChart program window and hide all top line menu commands.


Basemap Menu

The Basemap feature has been disabled in iChart.


Project Menu

Pause Auto-Interrogation – This option pauses auto-interrogation of devices when auto-interrogation is enabled.

Unpause Auto-Interrogation – Resumes auto-interrogation of devices in the iChart database when auto-interrogation is paused.

Clear Warning Message – Clears the Auto-Interrogation Failed warning message.

Setup Device Wizard – Opens the Setup Device Wizard dialog box.

Setup iChart Alarm –  Opens the iChart Alarm window.

Setup Device – Opens the Device Property window.

Setup Schedule – Opens the Setup Device window and Auto-Interrogation schedule options.

Interrogate – Interrogates currently selected device.

Interrogate All – Interrogates all sites and sensors in the iChart database.

ODBC – Gives options for opening an ODBC database or creating a new one.

Add Field Note – Used to add a field note to a data report.

Project Monitor – Opens the System Monitor window.

Sync all iSIC clock – Syncs the clock for each iSIC data logger in the iChart project.

Property –  With a selected data logger or sensor, this option will display its properties window.


Report Menu

New Report – Creates a new report from data stored in the open iChart database.

Open Report – Opens a previously created report associated with the current iChart database.

Save As – This option allows for saving reports under different names.

Create PDF Report – In Report Mode, select this command to export the current report in PDF format. This will generate a new PDF document that can be saved on the PC.

Page Property – This option can be used to modify settings of the PDF generator, like margins, page breaks or page size.

Refresh Report – Refreshes the current report.

Other Setup –  Opens Report Other Setup window, which contains tabs on units, time and parameter order.

Sigma Theta – Allows for entering a selected wind direction parameter.


Advanced Menu

Lock – Select this option to prevent unauthorized users from making changes to settings and devices.

Set Password – Select this command to enable and set an administrator password for the open iChart database. If this option is enabled, a password will need to be entered before any changes may be made to the iChart project’s settings or configuration.

System Check – Checks the status of all devices in the iChart project.

iSIC – This command accesses a sub-menu that contains special configuration and troubleshooting tools for NexSens iSIC data loggers and telemetry systems.

TNode FR/mV-RS485 Adapter – This option allows for troubleshooting NexSens T-Node FRs, using Modbus commands and performing code updates.

Sensor Interface – This option accesses a sub-menu that contains special configuration and troubleshooting tools for various environmental sensors.

Global Sample Interval – Select this command to set a global sample interval. This action will set a uniform sample interval for all devices in the iChart project.

Terminal – Opens an RS232 or RS485 terminal to the currently selected device in Instrument Control mode.

Window Menu

Cascade – Arranges all iChart windows in a cascading pattern.

Tile Horizontal – Arranges all iChart windows horizontally.

Tile Vertical – Arranges all iChart windows vertically.

All Open Windows –  All open iChart windows are listed in the Window menu. Select an open window to switch between reports.

Help Menu

User’s Guide – Opens the iChart User’s Manual in PDF format.

About iChart – Displays the About iChart dialog box.

Check for Updates – Select this command to check for iChart software updates available at NexSens’ website.

Register iChart – iChart can be used for 30 days on a free-trial basis. During these 30 days, all features are available. Once the 30-day trial period is completed, the copy of iChart must be registered with NexSens.

NexSens Website – This command opens the default web browser to go directly to the NexSens website.

Open Users Folder – Opens the iChart Users folder.

Open System Folder – Opens the iChart System folder.

Open Tmp Folder – Opens the iChart Tmp folder, which contains iChart log files.


REV: 15D28




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