Changing the data logger clock to match a different time zone is done by editing the Time Zone offset value and then syncing the logger’s clock to the PC clock.

  1. Open iChart with the current project file
  2. Click Edit | Preferences
  3. Under the Time section enter the appropriate number of seconds in the Time Zone offset box.
    Set Time Zone Offset

    Figure 1: Set Time Zone Offset

  4. Click OK
  5. Click on the logger in the Navigation Panel
  6. Click the Setup button located at the bottom of the current data box
  7. Place a check mark in the Set iSIC time to PC time box
  8. Click Update iSIC 

    Figure 2: Sync Logger Clock

  9. Confirm the time shown in the iSIC Time box is correct
    1. Note: This box only updates when either the Refresh Display or Update iSIC button is pressed. It is not a current/live reading.
    2. If the time is incorrect, go back and re-adjust the Time Zone Offset value in Edit | Preferences
  10. Click OK

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