In some applications, it is necessary to send specialized commands to an iSIC or SDL500 data logger through the iSIC Setup menu. This requires that the iSIC Command tab be enabled within this menu.

1. Navigate to the iChart6 folder on the computer. The common extension is C:/Program Files/NexSens/iChart6.


Figure 1: iChart6 Folder

2. Open the ICHART.INI file.

3. With the .INI file open, type Ctrl-F and search for “[General]“.

general in ini file

Figure 2: [General] within ICHART.INI File

4. Underneath the [General] line, add a line that reads “EnableiSICCmdTab=1“.


Figure 3: Type “EnableiSICCmdTab=1” Underneath [General]

5. Click File | Save in the .INI file.

6. Close the .INI file and exit the iChart6 folder.

7. Close iChart and reopen it.

8. To confirm the new tab is in place, click Advanced | iSIC | iSIC. The iSIC Command tab should now be visible.

iSIC command tab

Figure 4: iSIC Command Tab

REV: 13K16


  1. Ben Wetherill

    Resolved by running iChart as Administrator. After closing iChart as Administrator, .ini file is created.

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