It may be necessary to perform a code update while in the boot loader if the normal code update is failing.

1. Open iChart.

2. Connect the data logger to the computer.

3. Select Advanced | Terminal from the menu.

4. Select Direct connect as the Connection type. Select the PC COM Port to which the data logger is connected. Uncheck the Use iSIC box if it is checked.

5. Click Connect. A white screen should appear.

6. Cycle power on the device by removing all power sources and reconnecting them. This includes internal batteries in the SDL. See: Cycling Power for more details.

Note: USB cable powers the SDL and must be removed from the top of the SDL (not from the computer) in order to cycle power.

7. As soon as power is re-applied type <esc>232. A message similar to the following should appear on the screen. If it does not, cycle power and try again until “Boot Loader” is seen on the screen.

Figure 1: Terminal Window for an iSIC in its Boot Loader


8. Close the terminal window and perform a code update.


REV: 13K07

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