The address of an iSIC or SDL500 data logger can be changed using iChart software.

1. Open iChart with a current project if not already open

2. From the menu select Advanced | iSIC | iSIC

3. Select the correct PC COM port, Connection type and iSIC Address

  • If the address is unknown and the connection is either Direct or Cellular, 0 can be used. 0 is a universal address to which all iSIC data loggers will respond. Do NOT use 0 if connecting via Radio with multiple radio devices powered in the vicinity.

4. Click Connect

Figure 1: Connecting to an iSIC


5. Click the General tab

6. Confirm the iSIC Date & Time are current and the Main Battery (V) is correct.

6. Click the Change address box and enter the desired data logger address

Figure 2: Specifying New Address


7. Click Apply

8. Cycle power to the data logger for the change to take effect

After changing the address of a data logger, it may be necessary to update the configuration of the iChart project (.icr) file accordingly:


REV: 14A22

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