To add battery voltage,

1)      Upload all your data before adding battery voltage. This procedure will erase all data in your data logger.

2)      Select “Project Setup Device Wizard” Menu

3)      Click the “Next” button 3 times to get to the “Sensor” screen.

4)      Click the iSIC that you want to log battery voltage.

5)      From the manufacturer drop-down list, select “NexSens”

6)      From the sensor list select “iSIC Battery”

7)      Click the “Add” button

Figure 1: Setup Device Wizard


8)      From the “Analog Sensor Properties” pop-up screen, click “OK”

Figure 2: Analog Sensor Properties


9)      Click “Next” 3 times to get to the “Finish” screen.

10)     Select the iSIC that you just added battery voltage

11)     Click “Program iSIC” button to reprogram the iSIC (Click OK to any pop-up screen)

Figure 3: Finish Setup Device Wizard


12)     Click “Finish” button to return to iChart main screen.


REV: 13G25

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