NexSens TS-Clamp thermistor string mooring clamps allow TS210 and T-Node FR nodes to be securely attached to a mooring line. Follow these steps to ensure a proper installation of the TS-Clamp:

Figure 1: TS-Clamp

Figure 1: TS-Clamp


1. Unscrew the TS-Clamp to find two o-rings with cuts.

Figure 2: TS-Clamp Opened


2. Place the large o-ring on the cable above the strain relief of a TS-210 or T-Node FR temperature node.

3. Place the smaller o-ring on the mooring line.

4. Set the bottom half of the clamp below the o-rings. Note: Make sure the o-rings are in their popper size slots.

Figure 3: Bottom Clamp


5. Slide the o-rings and clamp as necessary to place the clamp near the strain relief.

6. Once the bottom clamp is in place, put the top half on and tighten down. Note: The holes on the clamps should match to ensure a proper fitting.

7. Repeat steps 2- 6 to place another clamp below the TS210 or T-Node FR.

8. The final result should look like Figure 4 for every node in the thermistor string.

Figure 4: TS-Clamp Installed


REV 14C20

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