Each T-Node FR Water Temperature Sensor includes the O-rings required for preventing leakage and cracking between sensors. UW underwater bushings are also included as required for temperature string terminations. Strings are usually assembled using NexSens underwater cable assemblies.

Common Accessories

Part Number Description Details
UW Underwater cable Used for assembling T-Node temperature strings, various lengths available
UW-A Underwater armored cables Underwater cables with anti-chafing armor
UW-FL1R Underwater to flying lead cable adapter Used to connect T-Node temperature sensor to a NexSens iSIC data logger
T-Clamp T-Node mooring clamp Used to secure T-Node strings along a mooring line
SS187 Stainless steel mooring line Used for buoy and sensor mooring systems
UW-2W sensorBUS signal splitter Used for adding an SDI-12 or RS-485 sensor at any position along a temperature string



REV: 13H06



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