The NexSens iSIC-OEM is only powered from an external source. A 12V switching or linear power supply is recommended. An external battery installed inside a sealed enclosure such as the NexSens AVSS Stainless Steel enclosure would also be adequate.


MS4 Connector

MS4 pin-out

Figure 1: Female MS4 Pin-Out

male ms4 pin out

Figure 2: Male MS4


The pins are marked within the connector. Confirm the pins (A-D) by looking closely inside the connector.

MS4 pins

Figure 3: MS4 Pins (Male)

AVSS Stainless Steel Enclosure

The AVSS stainless steel enclosure is ideal for NexSens iSIC Data Loggers installed in harsh environments or vandal-prone areas. This enclosure may also be used to house the NexSens A03 26 A-Hr battery for projects with power-hungry sensors and heavy cloud coverage making solar power a poor option.

Each enclosure also comes with an A73 triangle key and lock to keep prying eyes away from the sensitive data logger and sensor wiring. This item adds durability and flexibility to a system. Standard stainless steel enclosure size is 24″x16″x8″.



Figure 2: AVSS Stainless Steel Enclosure

If an AVSS needs to be mounted, the A56 unistrut mounting kit allows for easy installation of the stainless steel enclosure to a pipe or wall. Simply install the unistrut kit onto the wall or pipe first and then mount the enclosure to it.

Inside each stainless steel enclosure is a terminal strip for easy connection of sensors and telemetry. The standard 8.5 Ah battery can be used inside of the iSIC enclosure or a 26 Ah battery can be positioned on the bottom of the stainless steel enclosure for higher power systems.


REV: 13K09

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