NexSens supplies a variety of permanent RS232 Direct Connect Cable lengths ranging from 25 ft to 250 ft.

For stand-alone applications without continuous real-time connections, an A72 RS232 Direct Connect cable may be used to communicate with the iSIC. This cable simply requires connecting the iSIC DB9 connector to the PC COM port. This cable is supplied with every iSIC in a poly tube bag along with desiccant, sealcon fittings, and a 4-20mA resistor pack.



Figure 1: A72 Cable connecting to the DB9 connector within the iSIC – OEM enclosure


For real-time connection to a data logger, an A66-OEM cable will need to be used. The MS4 connector for these cables is located on the outside of the iSIC-OEM enclosure. Simply connect the MS4 connector on the A66-OEM to the MS4 connector located on the iSIC. Connect the DB9 connector to an open COM port on a PC running iChart software.

The A66-OEM DB9 to MS4 cable:



Figure 2: A66-OEM cable


MS4 Pin-out:


MS4 pin-out

Figure 3: MS4 pin-out


REV: 13H05




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