Before a PC can begin to receive real-time data from the iSIC, a RS-232 Direct Connect Cable must be connected into the iSIC enclosure.

Important: Always remove power from all NexSens communications devices when wiring to the iSIC.

NexSens supplies a variety of permanent RS-232 Direct Connect Cable lengths ranging from 25 ft to 250 ft. For stand alone applications without continuous real time connections, the supplied A72 RS-232 Direct Connect cable may be used to communicate with the iSIC. This cable simply requires connecting the iSIC DB9 connector to the PC COM port.


Figure 1: Connect iSIC DB9 connector to COM port


For real time connection to the data logger, A60-A64 Cables will need to be used. If an MS3 connector is located on the outside of the iSIC enclosure, simply connect the MS3 connector on
the A60-A64 DB9 to MS3 cable to the MS3 connector located on the iSIC and the DB9 connector to an open COM port on a PC running iChart software.

iSIC enclosure

Figure 2: iSIC Enclosure, MS3 is bottom middle


MS3 to DB9


Figure 3: MS3 to DB9




DB9 Pin















If an MS3 connector is not available, an A60-A64 DB9 to flying lead cable can be used.

Wiring a direct-connect cable using a flying lead dongle, BTX: CD-MX9M

A direct RS-232 or RS-485 connection to the iSIC can be run through the DB9 port with a BTX CD-Mx9M dongle.

BTX Dongle

Figure 4: BTX CD-DB9FST Dongle

For RS-232 connection using the iSIC direct connect cable, the following pins are used:

Color Dongle DB9-M Signal
White Terminal 2 Pin 2 Tx (iSIC to PC)
Blue Terminal 3 Pin 3 Rx (PC to iSIC)
Green Terminal 5 Pin 5 GND


For RS-485 connection using a supplied cable, the following pins are used:

Dongle DB9-M Signal
Terminal 5 Pin 5 GND
Terminal 6 Pin 6 RS485A
Terminal 8 Pin 8 RS485B


Secure the  dongle to the iSIC DB9 port. Be sure to tighten the screws with a screwdriver.

BTX Dongle2

Figure 5: Tighten dongle with screwdriver


 REV: 13J18


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