The NexSens 4100-iSIC Spread Spectrum Radio system provides a convenient means of communicating and collecting real-time data from remotely deployed monitoring instruments. The NexSens 4100 radio uses 900MHz spread spectrum radio technology and allows hundreds of remote sites, each one with a unique programmed address, to be implemented in a single system. Below is an example site:

4100-iSIC Typical Site

Figure 1: 4100-iSIC Typical Site


The above system consists of the following equipment:

Base Station

1. A41 Omni-Directional Antenna, Spread Spectrum Frequency
2. 4100-Base Radio
3. PC running iChart Software

Field Station

4. A46 Yagi Directional Antenna, Spread Spectrum Frequency
5. A22 20-Watt Solar Panel
6. 4100-iSIC Spread Spectrum Data logger
7. Sensor Cable
8. Environmental Sensor

A computer running iChart software will have a configuration file, called an .icr on it. This file is created in iChart and holds information such as which data loggers are used, and which sensors are connected to that data logger. With this .icr file, data can be uploaded and processed from the data logger.


REV: 13G11

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