NexSens recommends the A55 mount kit be used for all outdoor applications when mounting to metal poles, wooden posts, or walls. The A55 kit includes a ¼” aluminum plate, u-bolts, and lag screws. Use the supplied u-bolts for mounting to metal poles less than 2 3/8” diameter.

Attach the plate to the enclosure using the supplied hardware as shown below.


7-5-2013 2-19-52 PM

Figure 1: Attaching mounting plate to iSIC


A55 Features:

16″ x 8″ x 1/4″ aluminum plate

2 each U-bolts

2 each 5/16 x 2 lag screws; 4 each 1/4- 20 x 3/4 flat head screw


7-5-2013 4-35-02 PM

Figure 2: A55 Mounting Plate



If mounting the iSIC to a wall or other flat surface, simply use the lag screws to securely mount the A55 to the surface. The A55 can be mounted to concrete structures using a drill.


REV: 13G05


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