iSIC alarms are used to change the functionality of the data logger based on parameter inputs, such as changing sample and log intervals based on a particular logged reading. Open iChart with the current project. Click Setup.



Figure 1: Setup button


In the Setup Device window, click the iSIC Alarm tab.

iSIC Alarm Tab

Figure 2: iSIC Alarm tab


Place a check in the “Enable iSIC Alarm” check box. Click Add to enable an alarm condition, such as level above 0.20 feet as shown below.

7-5-2013 11-56-31 AM

Figure 3: iSIC Alarm Condition window


Click the Edit button and select the alarm type. Options include:

  • For any iSIC type: Changing the sample and log interval
  • For a 3100-iSIC AT&T/Cingular Raven XT 2G modem: Sending an SMS message or SMTP email

When finished setting up the alarm, click Update iSIC to send the configuration to the data logger.

Note: iSIC alarm conditions are evaluated each sample interval. For example, if a data logger is set to sample every 60 minutes under normal conditions, and a Change log interval alarm is selected, it will check the alarm condition every 60 minutes to determine if it should switch to the different interval.

REV: 13G05

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