Electronic circuits are susceptible to voltage surges. The iSIC has on-board transient voltage suppression devices. Connect the ground lug to a proper electrical ground (i.e. earth ground or a properly grounded pipe/metal fixture).

For outdoor applications, use the copper wire supplied with the A38 ground kit to connect the ground lug to the rod’s ground clamp. The rod should be driven into the ground as deep as possible and located near the equipment. In addition, make sure the copper wire has no sharp bends and is as short as possible. Be sure to locate the clamp on the rod before driving it with a sledgehammer or fence post driver.

A38 Features:

  • 4 ft. copper coated ground rod
  • 8 ft. of #8 solid copper wire
  • Rod/Wire clamp
  • Comes Assembled
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Figure 1: A38 Grounding Kit



  • Bury copper ground rod into the earth.
  • Attach copper wire to ground lug directly onto the iSIC or to the A39 lightning protector.

For indoor applications the data logger can be grounded to a properly grounded metal pipe or fixture.

 A38-P Features:

  • Pipe attachment ground kit
  • Clamps to ¾ in – 1 ¼ inch pipe
  • 8 ft of #8 copper wire

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Figure 2: A38-P Grounding Kit



  • Attach clamp to grounded pipe
  • Attach bar copper wire end to iSIC ground lug.


REV: 13G05



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