In order to connect a sensor to the iSIC, the output voltage must be cut down to 2.5V. In order to accomplish this, two resistors must be utilized to act as a voltage divider.

The diagram below demonstrates the proper connection for a 5V sensor.

Figure 1: Analog Sensor Wiring


Note: ADx is any single ended iSIC analog inputs AD0 to AD15.

Note: The resistors should be kept as close to the iSIC terminal as possible. The best location is right on the iSIC terminal.

If the sensor does not output 5V, the resistor values must be adjusted according to the following equation.

Vout = (Vin * R2) / (R1 + R2)

Where Vout is the desired 2.5V output into the iSIC, Vin is the sensor’s max output voltage, and R1and R2 are the resistors shown in the diagram above.

REV: 13G18

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