Multiple SDI-12 Sensors can be wired to the same digital terminal strip. Up to ten SDI-12 devices can be connected to the SDI-12 pin on the iSIC Data logger. Any NexSens iSIC data logger can “pass-through” telemetry and allow SDI-12 commands to be sent directly to the sensor.

Because each sensor in a multiple SDI-12 system should share the same: SDI-12, GND, and BAT, it is recommended that those three pins be brought to a junction box where each wire is in a “multi-drop” network. This simply means that all the SDI-12 wires are connected, all the +12V wires are connected, and all the GND wires are connected together and wired to the appropriate pins on the iSIC.

Multiple SDI-12 Devices 2100isic

Figure 1: Multiple SDI-12 Devices


REV: 13D26



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