Sync Clock

A smartphone or other mobile device with an internet browser can be used to update an X2’s internal clock. This is particularly useful for land-based Iridium X2 systems, as satellite telemetry precludes the possibility of syncing time accurately.

  1. Establish a connection to the X2’s direct Wi-Fi network.
  2. Access the Main Menu

    X2 Embedded Web main menu



  3. Navigate to Settings|Date/Time

    X2 Embedded Web Date/Time settings menu.


  5. Select the Sync Clock option.
    1. A prompt will appear following successful completion.

      X2 Clock Sync success prompt.


    2. Verify the X2 time and mobile device time match. Due to the latency of associated with updating the display over direct Wi-Fi, it is normal for there to be a couple seconds of difference.

      Post clock-sync display.