Configure Network Settings

Wi-Fi only models of X2 data loggers can be configured to upload their data to the WQData LIVE datacenter over a local wireless network.

    1. Establish a connection to the X2’s direct Wi-Fi network.
    2. Access the Main Menu

      X2 Embedded Web main menu


    3. Navigate to Settings|Network

      Network Settings Menu.


  1. Toggle the Wi-Fi Mode to Network

    Change Wi-Fi Mode to Network.


  1. Enter in the SSID, security settings, and password of the wireless network the data logger will be using. 

    Enter the local wireless network information.


  1. Move to the bottom of the page and click the Save Settings button.
    1. A prompt will appear requesting the X2 Wi-Fi be reset by inserting a magnet into the lid.
    2. Cycling power (for X2-CB or X2-SDL models) will also accomplish this reset. 

      Click the ‘Save Settings’ button at the bottom of the page and follow the prompt to swipe the magnet (or cycle power) to apply the change.


      1. Disconnect the laptop or mobile device used to configure the logger from the X2’s network.
        1. An X2 cannot simultaneously connect to a mobile device and a local wireless network. Any mobile device connection to the X2 will prevent it from connecting to the local wireless network and contacting the WQData LIVE data center.
        2. Due to the above, it is generally advisable to have the device ‘forget’ the X2’s network so that it does not auto-reconnect to it.


          Disable re-connection to or erase the X2’s Direct network after configuration is complete to prevent un-intentional re-connections.